February 11 2020 astrology grand sextile

All astrological transits for all planets, signs, aspects, and patterns in Upcoming Grand Trine and Grand Cross patterns for the following months. 11 Mercury sextile Saturn Venus sextile Mars from Jan 13 to Feb 11
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Pluto square obstacle Mercury science, information and literary work forecasts a high-discord onslaught of inversion, misinformation, false data, disinformation and fallacious and spurious claims. Pluto semisquare friction Saturn security, protection, fear and hard-line conservatism forecasts crime, bullying, division, disunity and cooperative group effort vanquished by selfishness.

Pluto semisquare friction Uranus extremism, racism and technology forecasts extreme disunity, extremists groups, racial prejudice, coercion and intimidation and tech-wrecks. And Pluto sextile opportunity Neptune idealism and visionary schemes forecasts cooperative effort and idealistic groups contributing to the common good. Pluto in house 3 transportation, roads, communications, telephone and postal services, literary work, newspapers and neighboring countries forecasts division and disunity regarding transport and communications upgrades, newspapers mergers and coercive relations with neighbors.

Chart data is February 26, at 6. Pluto in house 1 the people and their welfare forecasts widespread public disunity and a nation split into opposing factions. Chart data is February 26, at Chart data is February 27, at 7. Pluto in house 9 trade, commerce, radio, television, web, churches, religion, law, legal matters, universities, teachers and publishing forecasts coercive trade practices, drastic law-making and a country divided by an ancient caste system that has to go. Chart data is February 27, at 4. Pluto in house 7 the international stage, foreign powers, international relations, enemies and war forecasts coercive international relations and threats and intimidation by foreign powers.

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Chart data is February 27, at 9. The Pluto cycle chart is a specific event chart. Events occur as progressed Pluto forms aspects to the planets in the chart. Each country has its own chart. Cycle data Start date and time: February 26, at We need to ride this River downstream.

Ask your doctor if Climate Change Denial is good for you, it should say. Ask your doctor if Globalization is good for you. Ask your doctor if Glyphosate-saturated, mineral-deficient food-like substances are good for you. If Death occurs, tell your doctor immediately and discontinue use. We still have quite a bit of material left in this Eclipse chart that keeps on Giving — to be continued! So the Grand Cross is the ultimate in perpetual Motivation. Most Grand Cross people are Superachievers. You may have had to work your butt off at it, but to them it was as natural as Breathing.

They say he knows as much about rocket science as the experienced engineers he hires. The represent prenatal Alignments in your Psyche that makes Life easier. Not Work, but Love. Like the Grand Trine, it symbolizes Grace, but not dumb-luck Grace. A Grand Sextile has two Grand Trines embedded in it.

Pluto cycle: February 26, 1988 – March 2, 2109

Hopi completes the Grand Sextile. Oh, and did we mention that the asteroid Pandora is there with Hopi too? Along with the asteroids Sappho and Arachne. Arachne is particularly appropriate, since in the Hopi Mythology it was Spider Grandmother who wove the Universe. What all this means, is that any projects we started this week, or start Thursday or Friday or this weekend, will fly like a rocket! Left-justified bold italic type is meant to communicate with anyone.

We use the Fuchsia type for emphasis. In rocket science, the Sky is not the Limit! The result of our new Adventures will be greater Attention to our Missions. We may want to have a Manganotantalite Crystal handy, or at least a picture of one we can Channel Energy from, as Manganotantalite — Manganese Tantalum Oxide — is very good at gilding our tongue. And a couple of other things have popped up. First, Vesta is Conjunct the Centaur Nessus! Well, this puts Nessus at the focus of our Flying Squirrel. Nessus is about Privilege and the calling out of Privilege, particularly Unconscious male Privilege.

So this week is a big week for a shift in Gender Balance, so Reanimation of the Earth is really right in line. Which is actually an excellent practice for this week…. For instance, I was grumbling to myself this afternoon about this very thing. It was trespass that irritated me, but when I ask myself how I trespass the direct Mirror , nothing pops up. In the Funhouse Mirror, though, what shows up is Deservingness. Am I willing to stand up and unequivocally Claim my Space? When I contemplate that, I find only visions of escalating violence rather than any sense of Peace and Safety.

So I get to look beneath that Mirror for the little man behind the curtain. The Centaur Asbolus. So our Grand Sextile endures for a solid week. Ceres has been Out of Bounds since Christmas.

So Asbolus Clairvoyance supports Juno Consciousness which supports Makemake Manifestation which supports Saturn Focus which supports Ceres Sustainability which supports Mercury Alertness which supports Asbolus, etc, in a rising crescendo. Not only that, but we can take these in any order we want — so So Sustainability supports Consciousness which supports Focus , just to suggest one possible partial combination. In other words, this week Intuition and Analysis and Growth and Attention and Permanence and Creativity are all mutually supportive.

The Centaur Hylonome. When our Beliefs or Dogmas or Archetypes change, our Boundaries change with them. Which brings us to the Stellium, a significant Configuration in its own right, for several reasons. When a planet is either Stationary or Out of Bounds, its influence is Stronger than usual. In general, when a planet is Approaching a major event, such as a Station or an important Angle, the influence is Strong, and grows Stronger until the event is Exact.

After that, the influence fades fairly quickly if one is Conscious about the event, more slowly if one is not Conscious around it, and not at all if one is Defended against it. The Mythical Centaur Hylonome committed Suicide with the spear that killed her Lover, rather than live without him. So we interpret the Cosmic Centaur Hylonome to symbolize Grief over major Changes in our Life, such as detachment from an Archetype, or from any other Energy with which we had been Merged.

The 2020 ”Societal Reset” & “The Great Transformation“ 2020-2030

The Loss of an Archetype is indeed an Ego Death. With Pallas Conjunct, Boundaries are obviously involved, and there is a strong implication that we will be strengthening a Boundary against an Archetypal Trance, or loosening a Boundary that overprotected us. Or it may be us with the gilded tongue, talking our way out of long-standing entanglements that no longer serve us.

Eclipses reveal to us Energies which were previously merged with the background but which are now made obvious by their absence. The more we Embrace our Grief, the less painful it is. The Centaur Chariklo. Almost forgot that Chariklo, part of the Stellium, is Stationary on April 7!

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The photo is by Waldemar Skorupa. The Portal The Harmonic Concordance Grand Sextile was discovered astrologically and publicized, at great personal expense, by Johnny Mirihiel…. The Vacancies article gives us some benchmarks to compare to our own subsequent Lives. For instance, I have natal planets in three of the four Muse Vacancies.

These disruptive changes mark the beginning of a new era that we have entered as a global community, an era of increasing disruption. Sometimes such movements will give rise to movements that bring about profound change, and sometimes they will falter and fail.

In many cases these disruptions are already on their way.

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